Coaches please read on:

Are you passionate about your sport and know its nuances but are unsure about implementing the correct conditioning drills?

Maybe your team is terrific skill- wise but doesn’t have the overall team speed or speed endurance or last quarter/half conditioning to make a comeback.

Does your team get pushed around and knocked off the ball? Perhaps they’re not strong enough.

Are your athletes always getting nagging injuries like groin, hamstring and hip flexor strains? How about shin splints? The correct conditioning and injury prevention exercises will definitely help; if you know them.

Do you know the signs when your team/athlete is over trained? How about when they are not well hydrated? Do you think that would affect performance? Knowing these signs and taking the appropriate measures, will keep your team/athlete fresh, focused and motivated.

Well, what do you think? Do any of the above questions apply to you?

If so,I’d like to help. Please contact me and stop the guessing game.

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