Deceleration Part 2

Deceleration, as I had talked about in the previous page, is the braking or stopping action of a movement. On an athletic field, or on the ice or court, this can occur while sprinting straight ahead and then stopping, making a quick short stop and diagonal sprint or it could even be a jump and hold or bound and hold and then sprint.

Hopefully you get the picture.

As far as implementing a deceleration drill and related exercise for your linear acceleration work, I will give such examples.

OK. I'll have to provide two for the acceleration drills.

1. Mark off 5 yds. with a cone. Sprint with good form and then immediately drop your hips and put your weight onto your right thigh to stop your movement. Knee should be in front of your shin. So, in other words, perform a right foot stop.

Walk back and perform a left foot stop. Do 3-4 each leg.

Try same drill for 10yds.

Once you have perfected your braking, try performing it with a stop/start acceleration drill.

Here's how.

Mark off one cone at 5 yds. and another at either 5 or 10yds. Sprint and brake right foot at the first cone and then immediately accelerate to the next.

Practice braking with both legs. You may also extend each distance. For example: sprint and brake 10yds; then sprint 5 or 10 or 15yds.

Lastly, a very good exercise for the braking action movement is the band lunge.This requires a jump stretch band that is attached to a strong, stable object. The athlete puts the band around his/her waist and walks backward until there is full tension on the band.

The athlete is facing the object. The athlete now steps forward with a long lunge step with the band pulling him/her FORWARD very quickly. The athlete has to stop and brake fast by correctly putting the load into the quads and keeping the trunk up.

Step back and repeat other leg.

This exercise is also a very good ACL prevention exercise.

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