Drills for Speed Training: Energy Systems

Drills for speed training when conditioning an athlete has to be specific for their sport.

For this this article, I will talk about energy systems.As I had mentioned throughout my website, having power-speed athletes going on long distance runs is counterproductive and a waste of time!

If your goal is to just burn calories and really inhibit your elasticity of your neuro-muscular system, then go ahead and train that way. If you don't like being slow, have tight muscles and being pushed around in your sport, Then Don't Train Like That!

In most sports, the two most dominant energy systems used are:

1. ATP-PC. Which accounts for the athletes first 1-15 seconds demand. The drills for speed training for this energy system include short sprints, short distance agility moves/drills or short shuttles. Here you are going "all out" for a short distance.

2. LA-ATP-PC. This is the next energy system that "kicks in" if your sprint or your drill goes longer than 15 seconds. Typically the LA- (lactic acid)- ATP-PC lasts for about a minute. Think medium distance intervals or shuttles.

All of the sports that I mention on my site require its athletes to utilize the above mentioned energy system demands. Some sports like golf,football or volleyball or particular positions like soccer/hockey goalie require more ATP-PC and LA-ATP-PC system demand (between 90-95% in fact) because there is inactivity followed by short bursts of power.

Other sports like tennis, baseball, basketball and positions like a hockey forward, a lacrosse midfielder and a soccer winger/striker or halfback require slightly less (in the 80-85% range) short bursts of power but generally require longer bursts of power.

In conclusion, training for these sports as you can see, require the proper manipulation of the energy system demand by using the correct drills, intensity and volume. The amount of rest and recovery for these type of drills will be later discussed, as this also is very important.

Coaches/athletes please contact me for any questions regarding this issue.

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