Drills for Speed Training - Recovery Time

Drills for speed training for this page, I will talk about how much time is needed to recover from speed work.

Before I begin, I still want to emphasis that to get faster,you need to work on short sprints (acceleration). Once you start doing sprint drills over 7 seconds in time, you are then working speed endurance. To increase speed you need to work on drills that you will sprint for a faster time and train at least at 95%.

However, I digress.

Because of the impact on the Central Nervous System during speed work, it is necessary to take advantage of full recovery of at least 36- 48hrs. Sometimes 72hrs depending on how much volume (sets and reps) was performed.

How do you know if haven't recovered? Well, your legs will feel heavy. In particular your hamstrings and butt. Also, you will feel slow and that you cannot quite get your BURST. If this happens, your nervous system has not recovered and you are definetly not ready for speed work.


You may benefit from a lactic acid "flush" workout where you do light conditioning work, either light running at about 3/4 speed for 5-6 min. or a stationary bike flush for approximatelythe same time or longer (15 min.). These workouts will "flush" out the waste products that have accumulated in your legs during your speed work and give you some conditioning as well.

Now that you know how long it takes to recover from such a demand on your nervous system,you still need to work speed training in another day. So the formula is:

2x a week speed training with at least 36-48hrs recovery time in between.

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