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What Makes You Faster

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There are many drills for speed training. Let’s take a closer look at linear speed here and what makes you faster.

All power sports require an athlete to sprint. The distances vary depending on the position of the player and what is happening on a particular part of the game (like a midfield sprint to the goal or endzone).

Most of the time a sprint forward is usually covering 5-10 yards over the course of a game. In this case, reaction and then an initial burst of power from the ground, called acceleration, allow the athlete to get where he or she wants to go.

Acceleration from an athlete is also called upon to sprint a further a distance, usually up to 35 yards. This could be slightly more, 40 yards or less. Anything more than that then you reach top speed and keep that until the play is over.

I hope, you have scored or prevented a goal or touchdown after all that work!

The drills for speed training for acceleration and speed endurance are different.

The reason is, acceleration drills are to make the athlete faster and speed endurance drills are to get athletes more anaerobically conditioned.

Coaches usually mistake the latter for speed work. This will not make your team or athlete faster. It will make them conditioned but not faster.

Acceleration drills will help make the athlete faster. I think you should use these often in your athletic training program.

It is best to use these drills for speed training at least twice a week in the off-season and eventually to three usually 3-4 weeks into training. Because the central nervous system is being heavily recruited - remember it is all power! - this type of work should not be utilized again for at least a minimum of 36 hours.

If you start back to soon with acceleration work, you are risking making the athlete slow. Fatigue in the large muscles will occur quickly and will not help the athlete get any speed gains.

Both types of training I will address in later articles on this site as well as drills for speed training that I like.

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