Fat Loss for Athletes

Fat loss, what is the best and most effective way for a power and speed athlete to burn fat, not lose any strength gains and really increase your conditioning levels in a relatively short period of time? Before I answer that, remember, the emphasis is on strength and short acceleration bursts of power and speed for power athletes thus having too much body fat is a hindrance.

Perhaps only a lineman in football may be an exception to have some extra girth but they also have to lose some body fat and gain some lean body mass to increase their weight. Gaining more LBM (lean body mass) and decreasing some body fat through strength and conditioning will only help increase their athleticism.

Ok enough teasing. The absolute best way to drop fat without sapping strength gains is through interval training. No NOT long duration cardio.

In fact there is plenty of evidence to support the former type of training.

Some quick proof.

One recent one in Australia had 2 groups of 45 females placed in either a long duration cardio group or higher intensity shorter duration group training for 15 weeks.

The end result: Body fat measurements revealed that the higher intensity shorter duration group had lost 15 times more body weight and 6 times more body fat than the other group.


Yes, there is more of the same type of research with the same results more or less but hopefully you got the point.

Moral of the story; antiquated long distance, slow training is NOT appropriate for fat loss. And I think you know my feelings of it for a power and speed athlete.

Having read this, wouldn’t you want to know how to do this type of training? I can help you.

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