Female Athletes

Female athletes on the rise? Yes, and I do not believe it is my imagination when I say there has been a steady increase in the number of them. Approximately over the last decade, girls or young women have been partaking in team and individual sports it seems in large numbers.

I know in my own business, I have trained an equal amount or slightly more female athletes than males. This includes teams, individuals and small groups. They are just as competitive and work just hard as the guys.

The difference, however, can be seen in certain areas. But what areas are these? In specific,



-Agility and Quickness

Unfortunately, the young ladies I have come across lack both upper and lower body strength. However, they did possess fairly good static core strength.

What they lacked was good hip strength and strength in the major pushing and pulling muscles of the upper body. Like the pectorals and triceps (pushing) and latissimus dorsi and muscles around the scapula for pulling.

Movements like push-ups and pull-ups , body weight squats, single leg squats and lunges which do require core strength in the form of mobility (movement)are exercises where I generally find a lack of strength. This can be remedied by incorporating and probably modifying some of them into your routine.

Speed training drills for linear speed and agility and quickness drills like the speed /agility ladder and jump rope will help with footwork technique and quick feet. This will definitely increase athleticism,which you will notice significantly in your game.

Not sure how to go about implementing any of these exercises.

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