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Performing the correct fitness training programs for your sport is very important for your general conditioning . Often times, the emphasis for the coach or the player training on his/her own is to do much distance work.

This can be in the form of jogging or on occasion cycling. Yes, you will probably build up cardiovascular endurance but it is NOT conducive to your sport to run long distances for training. It is much more effective to do various general conditioning exercises at half to three quarters speed over moderate distances.

The key is to not go too fast nor too slow when performing these exercises. Think of striding. You can also add variety by implementing body weight and light resistance exercises (like a medicine ball) at your desired training distance (example 50,100 or 110yds,)striding back and repeating a different exercise.

Remember, these are not for developing speed, just game conditioning.

I have given some examples on previous pages of general conditioning programs. If you wish to have more in depth conditioning exercises and how to manipulate them on a bi-monthly to monthly basis, then please contact me.

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