Free Weight Training Program

A free weight training program is a must for you in order to build strength. Remember to develop a strong core first with trunk stabilization and trunk strengthening exercises. Continue with these exercises throughout along with body weight exercises.

Adding resistance training with weights to your already building strength program will help create a solid strength base for you. This is your first step in your pursuit of developing speed and power.

Ah, but what are the best weight training exercises to help develop strength for speed and power?

Hint, remember I mentioned no single-joint exercises, like body building exercises. Yes, compound or whole body exercises are the best to develop overall strength. I believe there are at least three maybe four basic compound exercises to help develop both upper body and lower body strength.

If you focus on these exercises first for your weight training program, then you will build a strong foundation. Later, you can further add supplementary strength exercises and eventually power exercises.

If you would like to know what these exercises are, then please contact me and we can be on our way to help you develop a rock solid strength base.

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Free Weight Training Program

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