Golf,over the recent years, has become an extremely popular individual sport. At the high school and college level, it is a team sport that has also seen a rise in its popularity.

Why has this happened? Well, I believe the obvious. A young superstar arrived and astounded his fellow peers of all levels. They now wanted to know how he trained. What was his secret? It also made casual observers of the sport a lot more interested in the game as well. What could they do to better their own game?

Yes, Tiger Woods did this. Now, when I train these athletes,if I mention that Tiger Woods trains for strength and power with free weights, most will say they want a program similar to his. That is the effect he has made on strength and conditioning for his sport.

So, what does he and other professionals do to increase their game? Well, most will work on their overall flexibility. Focusing on hip, thoracic (upper back), shoulder and ankle mobility.

What else?

Strengthening their core muscles with the appropriate exercises.

Working on strong rotational muscles and utilizing explosive force of their hips and thoracic spine muscles.

Building their foundational strength with deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, pushups and bench press.

Some, like Tiger, will do Olympic weight lifting to develop explosiveness.

Plyometric training may also be used as well.

In conclusion, training for this sport has grown and will to continue to flourish, thanks to Tiger Woods.

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