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Lacrosse, over the past decade or so, has exploded onto the scene. In the Northeast region of the U. S. it has really taken off. Personally, I have had the most demand to provide training to these athletes, both male and female individuals and teams of both genders in the past three years.

This sport, like soccer, requires constant moving in all directions. The best players are usually explosive in all these directions as well (straight ahead, right-left, rotational and backward). So, in order to get the most benefits, the same well rounded approach for strength and conditioning has to be put into place.

Such as: dynamic movement preparation and various other dynamic flexibility exercises for your warmup/cooldown; sprint mechanic drills (linear and multi –directional); acceleration work; deceleration work (or braking); quickness and reaction drills; plyometric work; creating a strong and stable core ; building a strong foundation with resistance training; power work with weights (such as Olympic lifting or resisted squat jumps as an example).

Other areas to cover are proper eating habits and nutritional supplements, speed endurance drills and general conditioning circuits specific to the sport. Recovery exercises like foam roller rollouts and active isolated stretching with a band to minimize potential future injuries.

More specific programs are available for coaches and athletes of this sport by contacting me.

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