Mobility for all major joints in the human body is vital for optimum movement.When sports performance is involved, then these type of exercises are a very necessary component for the athlete's performance.

Whether the athlete is training for a speed and agility workout, a strength training workoutor a power workout, the athlete's movements have to be fluid enough to handle the demands of that particular training session.

What do I mean?

For example, if an athlete is short striding all the time with her speed workouts, it may be because she did not perform any or did not do enough of hip movement prep exercises.

Or perhaps you have seen a typical male athlete's strength workout with the overabundance of pressing exercises.

Did you notice how rounded his shoulders are? Now picture that athlete with his rounded shoulders sprinting? Or throwing a ball? Do you think he lacks range of motion in his shoulders? Do you think his body will allow him to perform at his peak level without breaking down?

I think you get the picture.

Without performing any movement exercises for the hips,ankles and shoulders before you train, you WILL NOT get STRONGER, FASTER or more POWERFUL.

In fact it may be THE most important part of your workouts.

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