Nutritional Supplements for Athletes - What's Necessary and What's Not

Sports drinks

People talk a lot about nutritional supplements for athletes. Are they necessary? Here’s my view.

A sports nutrition program is important for a power athlete or any athlete. You should include it for overall health and for optimum performance.

Poor eating habits in the form of junk foods - or not eating at all - limit performance. Fatigue, the inability to recover quickly, lack of focus and other symptoms are due to a lack of foods or drinks that do not provide sustained energy, but only quick energy!

Nutrition in sports is one area that in my experience, athletes either neglect or are ill-informed about. This, along with warm-ups and recovery are usually areas that athletes do not spend enough time incorporating into their athletic training programs.

Coaches and even parents need to realize the importance of sports performance nutrition.

By creating good strong eating and hydrating habits early on, the athlete or son/daughter will develop an advantage not only in sports but also other areas in life.

Nutritional supplements for athletes are plentiful and as a result some are unnecessary and some are necessary.

I research, talk to other strength and conditioning coaches that I respect, and attend seminars on sports nutrition by respected sport nutrition professionals. And in my experience, sports performance and recovery drinks, gels and bars are usually a good bet.

Read the labels to see if research was performed and if the quality of the product is explained. Words like “pharmaceutical grade” or “no added preservatives or fillers” are a good start.

There are other nutritional supplements for athletes as well as quality foods that I believe can be of benefit.

In the future I will show you the evidence of some of these and you can decide. Also, I can link you to reputable professionals to help with your sports nutrition program if I cannot provide an answer.

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