Olympic Weight Lifting

Olympic weight lifting, when implemented and taught correctly, will not only help increase your power, but in my opinion will help in the acceleration phase of your speed training.

Teaching how to perform these lifts by breaking down each movement is extremely necessary. Without constantly working on technique, the movements of these lifts will not have the natural flow that is required. What will happen is that the athlete will try to “muscle” up the lifts and not use the natural movement of the body as a unit to create a quick, forceful explosive movement.

In other words, creating POWER

The athlete, first however, has to have a strong base of strength before starting a program like Olympic lifting. Remember, you have to have enough strength to create power and in my experience weak athletes will have a hard time performing these lifts. You can, however, just teach them technique with a light bar to get the basics down and just keep doing the strength training.

How does it help with the acceleration phase of speed training? The application of quick, powerful foot strikes on the ground coupled with the forceful extension of the ankle, knee and hip muscles make these lifts a good crossover exercise for short sprints. My athletes have noticed this explosiveness in their first 2-3 steps.

These are fun exercises to perform and are very effective. To find out more about them and I encourage you to do so, please contact me.

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Olympic Weight Lifting to Strength Training