Plyometrics part 2

Plyometrics may also be used to create faster, quicker responses to initiate power. Instead of or in conjunction with box jumps , drop jumps or depth jumps, which are longer response plyometric training, quick response plyometric training, on the other hand, are quicker and require more frequent touches. These type of exercises require the athlete to create power very quickly by minimizing contact with the ground ,plyo box or wall.

How does this carry over to your sport? Well, the more force created by your foot in to the ground and with as minimal time possible, the faster you will sprint and the higher you will jump. Of course, you have build up your strength base first, work on sprint mechanics and flexibility as well.

The same training effect would be used for the upper body to throw faster in lacrosse and baseball. Or used to push off an opponent to create blocking lanes in football. Maximal force done with minimal time.

These exercises I find can be best trained in a timed manner. Counting the number of reps performed in anywhere from 5-12 sec. Another way would be to do high sets (5-6) and low to moderate explosive reps (4-6) resting about 1 minute in between.

Please contact me to find out about these exercises and how they will help you and/or your team with your performance.

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