Speed Training Exercises: Absolute Speed

The speed training exercises discussed so far have been on acceleration. This is still the most important part of your workout to develop speed for your sport.

However, there are instances in some sports where an athlete has to sprint close to his/her max. All be it,I have read that it only happens about 1% of the time in a game. Just the same, an athlete needs to be trained for this occurrence. This type of speed is called absolute speed.

The parameters of absolute speed enhancement training is as follows:

Sprinting at an intensity between 90-95%;

Typical distance of sprint is 30-60yds;

Number of reps is between 2-5 with 2-5 minutes of recovery between reps;

Number of sets will vary from 1-3 with at least a minimum of 8 min. rest in between sets.

What you have to remember when doing this type of training, is that you have to have to cue the athlete to accelerate (usually in the 10-15-20 yd. range) and then sprint close to full speed. A faster athlete will have a longer acceleration zone (20yds.),where as a slower or heavier athlete will be in the 10-15yd. range.

When should you start this type of training? Probably 3-4 weeks after performing acceleration sprints for twice a week and then I would only do once a week for 2 weeks maybe 3.

Why? Because most athletes will not reach 90-95% of their full speed in the first few weeks and you have a risk of "smoking their hamstrings" because they are not physically ready to handle that speed.

Interested in some drills for absolute speed? Or do you need some advise in how to incorporate them into your or your teams' training?

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