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As you can tell throughout my website, the use of speed training equipment is something that I endorse. Whether it be a resisted sled, a tower or even multiple jump stretch bands, these pieces of equipment will help your acceleration. I recommend you use them only for short sprint drills. They can used for both linear (straight-ahead) and multi – directional speed drills for a length of 5-10yds. in length.

Desired number of sets/reps is an area in which I covered on a previous page. However, just to reiterate, beginners generally 1 set 5-10 yds. 5-8 reps. Progress to 2 sets when form and time remain consistent.

I have seen with my own training of athletes of all sports the improved explosiveness with their acceleration. They, in turn, have told me that they feel so much more burst in their speed in the first few steps during their game because of this type of training. What a great endorsement!

It doesn’t stop there.

The England World Cup Soccer Team used bullet belts, most pro football players use various speed resistance equipment (too many to name), baseball players, hockey players and tennis players all use some form of this type of equipment for their training. I am sure other professional and collegiate athletes of other sports use these valuable pieces of equipment.

Research for this type of equipment also concludes the effectiveness for short sprint drills. However, you will see for yourself if you personally use them. Make sure you do the unresisted sprints after and time both. Catalogues such as Perform Better sell speed training equipment. I am sure there are other sports performance catalogues that you may find. Shop around if need be.

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