Sports Performance Nutrition:Creatine

Sports performance nutrition; the next topic for this page is, the much maligned creatine.

I have heard such horrible things about this amino acid derivative since the 90’s. Things like dehydration during games, bad cramping or even death. All blamed on ingesting creatine. Well, now there has been so much research on it over the past decade and most of it positive, that there is no reason not to use it.

In fact, not only does it help increase strength and give you more energy during your workouts, acting as a lactic acid buffer by energizing cells through the mitochondria, (the powerhouse of the cell) it is being looked at as a possible treatment for early stage Parkinson’s. Researchers believe it may contain anti-oxidants to help remove harmful compounds in brain cells.

Very interesting.

Again, I do not like to give dosages amounts out in this format, however, I have read solid research stating that 1-10grams is safe. Please do your own research if you like and come to your own conclusion. And yes, we (I) recommend it my athletes.

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