Sports Performance Nutrition:Essential Amino Acids (EAA's)

Sports performance nutrition research is an area that I personally have always found fascinating. Luckily, better and more thorough research on products has been conducted in this field than in the past. Unfortunately, some of the research from years past may have been tainted because a company may have hired their own researchers to manipulate results to hype a product.

Thus, the public wouldn’t know if the product was really that good or if it was simply just marketing hype. Now more and more companies are using independent studies to get more valid results.

However, let’s move on.

I would like to share what really works in order to help an athlete’s performance, so here is the first one.

In my many searches in the field of sports nutrition, I have always come across positive research on essential amino acids or EAA’s. The latest studies I have seen have concluded that ingesting EAA’s before weight training leads to greater gains in muscle growth than ingesting them after weight training.

When compared to drinking a whey protein shake afterward, EAA’s proved to be a lot more effective. This is because whole whey protein is digested more slowly than EAA’s and as a result not as effective at stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Which is important for muscle growth.

Other benefits include: decreased delayed muscle soreness, boosting energy and focus, increasing strength and burning body fat.

In conclusion, I do not want to prescribe a dosage but I do know EAA’s are safe and backed up with solid research. My athletes have used them in pill form and as a drink on a consistent basis and have had very good results.

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