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The game of tennis is one of the ultimate power sports. The training, in particular strength and conditioning, needs to address not only foundational strength but it has to include all facets of power and speed. Also, because of the constant acceleration and deceleration (starting and stopping)actions of the sport, injury prevention work as well as resisted and unresisted acceleration and deceleration drills are necessary.

Why are both necessary? Well they are necessary training tools in all sports. However, I chose this particular sport because in my opinion the sport itself is all about sprinting and braking in all directions. Again, in my opinion, more so constantly, than any other sport.

So, ACL prevention training, as well as hip, shoulder and ankle mobility work are also necessary for injury prevention training. Deceleration training in the form of both resisted and unresisted sprint drills as well as hop and hold plyometrics are such examples. Of course, acceleration drills, both linear and multi-directional resisted and unresisted should be coupled with the above training. All of these different segments of training correctly manipulated in your strength and conditioning program, will help limit your potential of injury. As well as really enhancing your speed in all directions.

Quick foot and reaction drills are also important and can be a part of the aforementioned drills or used separately. Olympic weight lifting as a part of your power component portion of weight lifting can also help immensely. Proper technique, learned from your strength and conditioning coach, has to be taught first.

Interested in all of the above? Would you like to know any injury prevention exercises? How about deceleration drills or training? Then, please contact me.

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