Video Clips

Video clips of my training with 2008 Olympian Stu McNay.His sport was 2 man sailing which required alot of strength and endurance, in particular grip strength and core strength.

He also had to overcome a small tear in his right quad tendon, which, for the first few months of training inhibited him. We had to methodically come up with a plan to increase his mobility in his hips and ankles.

Soft tissue work with a foam roller, lacrosse ball and sometimes a small medicine ball was used on his "hot spots" on his lower back and lower body musculature. This not only relieved his pain and discomfort but increased his joint mobility to enhance and expand his training performance.

From there we then worked on increasing his base strength. We chose deadlifts as the main strength lift because of the specificity of the exercise. Other strength lifts like the bench press and some DB rows were incorporated as well but the primary focus was to build enough strength in his posterior chain muscles.

Power work like Db snatches, 10-15yd lateral bounding and depth jumps was implemented carefully because of possible exacerbations in the right knee area.

Work capacity training became more prevalent in the second year of training Stu (many body wt. circuits that was performed on turf field or track and required him to stride out for 100yds.and then perform a body wt.exercise and then repeat sequence 10-12 times for 3 sets) as well as more strength/endurance exercises like the resisted sled routines.

In the clips below there are four sled routines and one advanced warm up drill with a lateral resistor band.

Video Clips