Volleyball training for these power athletes, has been, in my experience, one in which a major emphasis for training has been solely on the lower body. Understandably, because it is a lower body dominant sport, you can see why these athletes spend a lot of time strengthening their lower quadrant muscles. The need to develop power from the lower body also makes sense. So, plyometric work is definitely needed.

However, developing strength and power in the upper body is an area that should in no way be neglected. Strengthening the upper body first with bodyweight exercises such as: pushups, dips, inverted rows, pull-ups and chin-ups and then adding bodyweight quick response plyometric work for power such as: push-up claps, flying pull-ups or flying inverted rows to name a few, will increase your strength and power.

Next,would be to implement resistance training for strength (bench press, overhead dumbbell or bar press, weighted dips and weighted pull-ups and db rows) and coupling that with Olympic weight lifting for resistive power development such as: power cleans, snatches, push press etc..

Make sure that core strength is worked throughout to achieve your strength and power goals as well as a whole body flexibility routine. I am certain if you implement an equal emphasis on your upper body strength and power into your training program, then you will notice a huge benefit in your game.

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