Work Capacity

Work Capacity, what is it?

For athletes it is a critical component of their training program so much so that, if it is not included can lead to disaster. I will get to that later on.

First, let's look at the five biomotor skills that athletes need to acquire in order to make those major gains in sports performance.

1. Speed

2. Strength

3. Endurance

4. Flexibility

5. Coordination

As we all know, if you've been reading my newsletters, that without the above skills your athleticism and performance will suffer. On the flip side to that however, is that you can develop all these skills but if you do not have the energy system required to put all this systems together in such a way that combines all the intensity and duration needed, then the following examples will occur:

athletes that start their workouts hard and fast and then all of sudden crash;

athletes when doing their speed workouts collapse from exhaustion or vomit afterwards;

a training program where athletes start getting strains in their hamstrings, groin and hip flexors as well as shin splints. This usually occurs during the latter months of the training cycle;

athletes that do not recover well after workouts or are always tight and sore even after less strenuous workouts.

What do these scenarios suggest?

In all these scenarios it is a result of poor work capacity. I think we've all either seen this or maybe been that athlete. Imagine how demoralizing it feels to think that you are in condition for your sport but you soon realize you're not even close.

So the question is how does one increase their work capacity?

Well, here are a few examples that I use usually at end of the week for building up this system and for recovery from a weeks workout.

1. low intensity body weight circuits mixed in with 10-12 50 or 100yd. stride outs

2. tempo runs

3. extended dynamic movement drills coupled with core, lateral resistor band and hurdle mobility work

4. jump rope routines

These workouts are not supposed to be difficult. You should not be sore the next day. They are, however, crucial to include in your training program. So, if you want healthy, strong and fast athletes please include these workouts regularly every week throughout the year.

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