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Youth training for developing these athletes is critical and a good strength and conditioning coach needs to address a program that works on building the fundamentals.

Most of the youth that I have trained, ages 10-15 range, are woefully nonathletic.

I have teach and re-teach a basic athletic stance first before I can begin various athletic movement patterns. Lack of body awareness, balance issues, poor deceleration skills, weak core and hip extension strength are some other examples I have encountered on a too frequent basis.

All of the above needs to addressed and corrected with a multitude of drills and exercises otherwise what you'll see and continue to see is; young athletes that may have some skillfor their sport but are athletically inefficient.

So you will continue to see this cycle of slow, not very agile, not very strong and definetly not explosive team of athletes or various individuals.

I have seen this in my own hometown's sports teams year after year.

At this young age, teaching fundamental skills for a sport is important but it has to be married with teaching fundamental athletic movements.

So, if you are a coach at this level please do not waste your time with antiquated exercises like distance running or static stretching for your warm-ups or endless fast moving side shuffles. You are not helping them.

Take the time to contact me and move to the present.

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